‘contact a attorney’: boss refused to let employee go away after his dog bit them

an employee has been urged to touch a attorney after their boss refused to let them go away work to get hold of scientific interest after his canine bit them.

in a famous publish posted on reddit’s rantiwork forum, an employee under the anonymous username u notgood reddit name took their tale to the subreddit and has received over 27,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

the unique poster (op) started their submit through explaining that they work an office task where they sit in a “dull cubicle” and push buttons all day. these days, their boss delivered their dog in to paintings. the op said the canine turned into now not on a leash or of their boss’s workplace and was roaming the halls even as barking and growling at different employees.

the op wrote, “many human beings requested the boss to keep the dog in his office however he wouldn’t listen. apparently he is an awesome boy and 20+ people were at fault, not the canine. he became right outdoor my cubicle and without any provocation he simply commenced barking got here into my cubicle and bit my leg. it was exceptional till he was barking, however i did not certainly have a threat to guard myself when he lunged ahead. everything become all of a sudden.

“i was shouting, my colleagues collected around, the boss in the end put a leash on his dog all the whilst cussing me and blaming me for all of this. i desired ro go to a sanatorium but my supervisor had the audacity to ask me to finish my hours and then cross. i threatened to press prices and rushed out. i’m pressing costs,” they endured.

the op wrote inside the comments that they consider the dog was a german shepherd mix and was bleeding from the chew.

what to do if you get hurt at paintings
if you ever get hurt whilst at work, start the technique of having a worker’s reimbursement declare right away, consistent with mitchellaplc.com. a worker’s reimbursement declare is while an worker is hurt on the task or receives an illness because of their career.

if you are harm at work, you have got people’ compensation legal guidelines—which vary in each country. you have got the right to document a claim for harm or infection, to look a doctor to acquire clinical remedy and to have a lawyer thru the method. if given the good enough from your doctor to go back to work, you may do so.
what’s the manner of filling out a workers’ repayment claim? first acquire right scientific remedy for the injury and receive the medical statistics to start the claim. the injured employee have to let their business enterprise know as quickly as feasible at the same time as also having what came about in writing. the employee ought to then start filling out the proper office work supplied by the corporation which is then given to their people’ repayment insurance corporation,redditor reactions
“file what took place in writing and ship it to them along side the medical facts. then touch a lawyer,” u sweetiepiej urged the op, receiving the top comment of over 9,000 upvotes.

“already on it. this sub has taught me a lot. i’m getting legal help. time today turned into spent in the medical institution and getting medicines. but i am in contact with a lawyer,” the op responded.

u vashthestampede121 wrote, “yeah okay that guy and that process. wish you get a few suitable $ out of the state of affairs and that your leg is k.”

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